Savouring Delicacies in Colonel Beatty and Davie Park Charlotte

11/09/2011 12:23


There are many beautiful parks in Charlotte, Carolina. If you wanna have a picnic in the sunshine weekend, the Colonel Beatty Park and the Davie Park are you best choices. This article gonna introduce the two parks to you.

The Colonel Beatty Park: Just Bring Your Delicacies

Your Colonel Beatty Park includes a full region calibrating as much as 265 massive areas. This specific park could well be known as the ultimate loved ones eat outside car park involving Charlotte now. The actual Colonel Beatty Park provides all the facilities that the family members or even a gang of buddies can expect on a picnic journey. The actual Beatty Playground features appropriate plans that will easily support actually big groupings.

With outside the house have a picnic pavilions, have a picnic dining tables, indoor lodgings, hygienic kitchen areas and also washrooms and also uninterrupted electrical power and h2o offer, the particular Colonel Beatty Park is perhaps all established for you to delightful refreshments teams all of the year-round. For the sports lovers, the actual Beatty Playground gives terms for a number of sporting activities offering baseball, riding, tennis, golf ball and in many cases paths for bikers.

The Davie Park: Having Picnics with Your Lovely Pets

The actual Davie Park conversely features a more compact region in which measure up in order to 107 massive areas. The particular Davie Park is found in close proximity to the Colonel Beatty Park. Not every have a picnic parks will allow the website visitors to make your puppies. Davie Park is probably the few parks to make your dog and allow your pet benefit from the fresh air. The particular Davie Park offers individual enclosures based on the height and width of the canines.

The use of any river enhances the panoramic great thing about the actual Davie Park. Becoming designed for have a picnic objective, the actual Davie Park capabilities both inside and also external have a picnic pavilions and also a amount of wearing services including beach ball, little league and also horse riding. Even the kids might have their own reveal of enjoyable within the nicely set up play ground meant for children.

All together, both the areas involving are indeed perfect have a picnic locations throughout south charlotte.